FastWeb - $660 per annum.

The FastWeb solution includes the domain name, website, editor, statistics and hosting for 12 months. There are no upload and download fees, no page limits and no limits on space* (please see our Terms and Conditions for our Fair Use Policy). We do not have FTP access to our servers in order to help protect all clients from malicious virus or worm attacks.


POP3 Email Boxes

With the changes in technology over the last five years, FastWeb has had requests to provide dedicated email for small businesses. We now provide POP3 Email, offering faster and more reliable email services than the standard ‘email forwarding’ we have been using.

POP3 Boxes also provide a webmail interface for checking your mail when you are away from the office – through internet café’s or hotel computers.

By providing POP3 email, many of our clients have their entire internet solution through FastWeb – except for the internet connection which is through companies such as BigPond, Virgin, Optus, WestNet or other national carriers. This simplifies the process when faults occur. These clients simply call us – and we work out where the problem is located – and fix it. There are also fewer faults with this system.


Small Business - 5 POP3 Email Boxes - $99 per annum


Medium Business – up to 200 POP3 Email Boxes - $149 per annum


Domain Names

While we are a domain reseller, we only provide domain services to clients using the FastWeb solution. The cost for one Australian domain is included in the annual fee. Any additional domains are charged at $99 for 2 years, and will be linked to the solution free of charge.



While we have our own servers, we only provide hosting services to clients using the FastWeb solution. The cost is included in the annual fee.



Some clients are looking to add a sparkle to their site with flash animation or design that matches an existing image. Often this requires the services of a professional graphic artist. We are happy to liaise with your own graphics people to explain how they can design for a FastWeb site. This should create a huge saving – or alternatively, we can provide you with a professional designer to match the ideas you have for design. These services vary, depending on the requirements, but usually fall between $330 and $660. Flash animation starts at around $149 up to 10 frames, and can be many hundreds for very complex graphics.