Every business website needs to project the right image, to provide information, and to navigate easily. FastWeb sites are created to simplify navigation, maximize design options, and provide a range of page types to deliver information to your clients. Give us a call, and you’ll be surprised how simple it is get your professional site online. Our record is 3 hours.



Site Design

Your website needs to have a consistent look from page to page. FastWeb sites allow you to change the site content without having to worry about design. You can use one of our standard schemes, or you may choose to use a graphic artist to create a customized scheme to match your businesses existing image. We can add your logo quickly and company colours quickly and easily to show you how your site could look.


Professional Services

If you have had lots of graphics work done for brochures and products in the past, chances are you have all the ingredients for a great design just waiting to be captured. We can use existing images, or alternatively give the scheme dimensions to your graphic artist, and create a look and feel to match your existing business image.




Visitors to your site need to be able to find information quickly and easily. Because FastWeb sites aren’t crowded with links and tables and text and images – potential clients can clearly see where the information is. A pop out menu on the left hand side, combined with links on internal pages make it easy for anyone to navigate from one page to another quickly and easily.




Many companies like to add a feel of interactivity – often using animations and flash. Our front page has a rotating menu system, which requires a little graphics work, but provides a more interactive connection to the user. If you want to add flash animation to your website, we can put you in touch with an animation expert to discuss your needs. This map animates when you hover over it - probably one of the best animations we have seen.