Since 2003, we have been providing free email forwarding to our clients by using the email account provided by your internet service provider. Some of our clients have suggested we provide email services so they don’t have to deal with poor service when they are having email problems. So – we have introduced POP3 email boxes. If you have experienced email problems with your internet service provider (ISP), our services provide a smoother path and improved support for a low cost. If you are seeking peace of mind, come and try our POP3 accounts free of charge for 1 month.


Email Forwarding – Unlimited forwarding to your POP3 free ISP account

Small Business POP3 Email – 5 new POP3 accounts - $99 per annum

Medium Business POP3 Email – Up to 20 new POP3 accounts - $159 per month


If you are unsure which email package suits your business – call us – and you may find there is a free option that will suit you. Over 80% of our clients currently use the free email forwarding service.